April 19, 2010

Gun Smoke

This is just asinine.

If you strip away the reactionary politics and overheated paranoid rhetoric for a moment, the basics alone are unbelievably appalling, callous and narcissistic, by any standards in a civilized society.

The Second Amendment crowd has chosen to assert itself by deliberately using the violent, barbaric massacre of 168 innocent people -- most of them civilians, many of them children -- to argue against something for which there is no evidence.

They have chosen to honor the actions of a mentally unbalanced, highly disturbed sociopath whose actions were so reprehensible that his final years were spent in 23-hour lockdown in the nation's toughest   prison before he forfeited his life -- alone, on a sterile white execution table -- for his crimes.

They have chosen the date of the nation's worst act of domestic, home-grown terrorism by strapping on weapons and taking a confrontational, provocative stance against the federal government and the nation's first black president.  They declare they are willing to take arms against a government that likely educated them, protects them from crime, and collects their garbage -- at least the kind you can put in a can.  They want to fight a government that has no interest in fighting them.

They have decided, in short, that we are idiots.

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