June 4, 2010

Who's your daddy?

Republicans, libertarians and at least one has-been actor from "Northen Exposure" have long complained about the "nanny state," the notion that federal regulations and/or laws designed to prevent harm to the general public has made the nation dependent and restricted our freedoms, whatever that means.

Now comes the BP disaster and accompanying undersea oil volcano in the Gulf Coast.

Suddenly, conservatives -- and some Democrats -- are howling for a Daddy State.  Why, they cry, hasn't President No-Drama Obama, hasn't shown much passion or emotion since the Deepwater Horizon explosion triggered an undersea volcano more than a month ago.  He needs to be more angry, they shout.  How come he hasn't felt Louisiana's pain?  Where's his aggressive federal response?  And how come he hasn't fixed this already?? It's been more than a month!!

In other words, why hasn't Dad made everything right??

Well, here's why.

Joanie, take it on home.

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