August 28, 2012

Playing Hardball with Chris Matthews

Seems that his contretemps with Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus over GOP race-baiting Monday has conservatives loaded for bear when they come on Hardball with Chris Matthews.

Just watched former Gov. George Pataki of New York duke it out with Matthews over strict language governing all the social issues -- gun control, abortion, welfare, taxes -- inserted in the GOP platform. Pataki, obviously mindful of the pimp-slap Matthews laid on Priebus, was very aggressive in the interview - interrupting, talking over Matthews and generally ignoring any attempt to press him on actual questions and the issues of the day.

Expect to see more of that when Hardball - or MSNBC, for that matter - tries to book guests for the sake of balance and actually trying to report what's happening on the ground in Tampa.  I'll post a link when I can put my hands on one.

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