March 15, 2010

Down to the wire

According to the Washington punditocracy, the health care reform proposals in the House and the Senate are rounding the clubhouse turn towards the finish line -- staggering, if not exactly thundering down the home stretch.  And it's been said it's even money whether or not it actually makes it to the wire, or breaks down like an ill-fated thoroughbred.

This week -- to torture the horse-racing analogy a bit longer -- President Obama goes to the whip, adding another high-profile rally in swing-state Ohio to a series of campaign-style events he's held in the last few weeks to whip up public support on health care, and simultaneously pressure wavering conservative Democrats.  But Obama's public flexing is also designed to send a message to Dems in trouble, promising some rich rewards for a "yes" vote in the House.

Meanwhile, TMP has a good comprehensive overview of the proposals on the table and what's at stake.

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